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The theme for 1999 is 50 years of the Republic of Germany.  Topics under discussion are music, autos, art, people, jobs, "Gastarbeiter,"  politics, the coming down of the Wall, and the reunification of Germany.

Organizers for this workshop are Elizabeth Ametsbichler Ph.D. and  Ulrike Tietze along with Hiltrud Arens Ph.D, .  Ursula Meyer, and Gerald Syring. are the guest presenters.

Here are the instructors:  Ulla Meyer, Ulli Tietze, Liz Ametsbichler, Hiltrud Arens, and Gerald Syring.

Each team is to create a practical, logical and workable unit from the information gathered.  Each unit is to be copied and distributed to all participants at the end of the week. Pictured are Diane Musgrave, Susan Stater, Karen Bird, and Lisa Moser.
Gathering and culling information to be presented is one of the many activities of the workshop.  Sandie Waters and Marcie Tanner look through the resources provided.
One group (Glen Peppel, Phil Phillips, and Patty Hill with Liz) gathers and sorts through information in order to present it to the rest of the participants.
Each team presents its unit to the remaining audience; here Duane Jackson and Phil take their turn.
Ulli hat ein DDR Auto. Here Ulli  holds a model of the most common car to be made in East Germany.  This information presented by Gerald  of Wiesneck Germany.  Also pictured are Ulla, Marcie, and Diane.

All participants listen as Ulli explains the next project.  We are Sandie, Marcie, Laura McFerson, Lisa, Diane, Karen, Sue, Mary Honzel, Glen, Duane, Patty, Ulla, and Gwynn Mundinger.
Ulla conducts her choir.

Click here for a sample of our choir

Early morning excursions. Canoeing, as Jennifer Harrison and Lisa demonstate, is one of the favorite activities during our freetime.  One must remember to stay in the Yellow Bay and not venture out onto Flathead Lake.  Swimming is also fun if you can get past that initial shock of cold.
The meals are hearty.  Three wonderful meals each day are served in the commisary and then eaten on the terrace overlooking Flathead Lake.
In the middle of the week an excursion to Glacier Park helps offset the fast-paced group work.  Patty enjoys the prospect of shopping for her childen.
While in Glacier Park, we eat our picnic lunch on the banks of the river's breathtaking beauty.
Always on a schedule, those who are prompt sometimes wait for those who lose track of time.

Each person who has e-mail has been linked the first time their names appeared here.  If you want to send an e-mail to any of the members, please feel free.

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